Our Story

Glenn and Shayna met and fell in love in New York City where they both lived for about a decade.  In the fall of 2004, they packed up their apartment and moved to Sante Fe where they were mesmerized by majestic sunsets, clean air and endless rainbows.  From there they continued to run their PR business Ripple Strategies
(www.ripplestrategies.com) and explore the rest of New Mexico.  During one of their many road trips, they stumbled on Truth or Consequences and were instantly drawn to the magical hot springs and burgeoning artist community.  They soon found themselves looking at real estate and ended up purchasing a run-down 4,000 square foot adobe church from the 1930's.  They had never renovated a building before, but with the help of a local contractor, succeeded in transforming the gloomy space into a bright and happy home in the back; and the Mothership Yoga Lounge in the front.